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Updated on October 23, 2023

Cookie policy

The Website (from now on "Website" or "Site") is owned by Traction Keys SRL, a legal entity with a registered office in Bucharest, Romania, registered with the Trade Register Office under number J40/17044/2022, with TIN 46749278 (from now on "Company"),

Traction Keys SRL and our analytics and service providers utilize cookies and various technologies to ensure that every user of our website has the best possible experience. 

This Cookie Policy explains how and when Traction Keys SRL (referred to as "we") uses cookies. For the purposes of this policy, "Website" encompasses and all other websites operated by Traction Keys SRL.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are like little text files that a website leaves on your computer's hard drive. They contain info that a website server in the same domain can later read. Some cookies are used only when you employ specific features or make certain choices, while others are always in play.

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Why Does Traction Keys SRL Use Cookies?

We employ cookies on our website for several good reasons, like:

  • Analytics Cookies: These cookies help us gather insights to enhance user experience, analyze usage patterns, and gather statistical data. For instance, we analyze how visitors and users interact with our content to make it more relevant. We might also use cookies to evaluate the performance of new ads, pages, or features.
  • Security: Cookies play a role in identifying and preventing security risks. For example, they help safeguard your session information, ensuring that no one can tamper with your password without your username and password.
  • Targeting and Advertising Cookies: We use these cookies to display more meaningful advertisements and monitor the effectiveness of our advertising efforts. You might see our ads on other websites you visit, a practice known as "remarketing."
  • Navigation Cookies: These cookies help us understand how you navigate our website and contribute to enhancing your overall experience.

How to Disable Cookies

You typically have the power to enable or disable cookies through settings in your web browser. Here's how to control your cookie settings using popular browsers:

  • For Firefox, use the "Private Browsing" setting and manage your cookie preferences.
  • For Chrome, utilize "Incognito" mode and manage your cookie settings.
  • Internet Explorer has "InPrivate" mode for managing cookies.
  • Safari offers "Private Browsing" for handling cookie settings.

For more cookie knowledge or guidance on controlling, disabling, or removing them, you can explore Certain third-party advertising networks, like Google, allow users to adjust their internet browsing preferences. To learn more about Google's options, check here.

Cookies Can Change

This policy serves as general information for your use. Please note that it may change without notice. We recognize that there could be inaccuracies or errors in this information, and we reserve the right to make changes. Our liability for any inaccuracies or errors is limited to the extent permitted by law.

Cookies in Our Services

In addition to the cookies used on our website, as described above, we may also utilize cookies and other tracking technologies when you access and use our products and services.