Docusign vs Adobe Sign Which one should I choose?

Everyone is using electronic signatures. So, the question is not why I should use an electronic signature software, but rather which one is better - Adobe vs Docusign.
Docusign vs Adobe Sign

This is the age of digitalization, where everything gets done online. 

Because of this, we all have started adopting software applications in our day-to-day lives more often, including signing contracts and documents. The question stopped being why I should use an electronic signature software, but rather which eSignature app I should use - Docusign vs Adobe Sign.

Ultimately, the decision relies solely on our needs, budget, and how we intend to use it. However, with so many options available on the market, we know that choosing which electronic signature platform to use can take time and effort. There are a lot of eSignature apps, and they all seem similar to each other, right? After all, they’re all just signing a document digitally. 

This is the case for Docusign vs Adobe Sign – the two most popular eSignature providers in the digital signatures market today. After a small Google search, it’s likely that you have previously seen that these two have similar features and functionality. But how are they different, and which one should I choose - Docusign vs Adobe Sign?

Today, we are here to make a side-by-side comparison of these two electronic signature platforms to help decide which one is right for you and your company.

What is Adobe Sign: A Quick Overview

Adobe Sign, previously known as EchoSign, is another part of the Adobe family. Simply put, it allows us to electronically sign and send documents for signature easily and securely. It’s similar to Adobe Acrobat but specifically designed for electronic signatures instead of PDFs. With Adobe Sign, we can simplify the signing process by easily tracking and managing our contracts and documents. 

But Adobe Sign vs Docusign is much more than just a tool for electronic signatures. As Adobe Sign belongs to the Adobe portfolio, it allows us to integrate the other applications, making it even easier to adopt in our workflow. The good news for businesses and large organizations is that Adobe Sign integrates with many other popular business applications, such as Microsoft Office or Salesforce. However, it also has many other valuable features that make it the perfect choice for us as businesses but also as individuals. 

What is DocuSign: A Quick Overview

If you’ve previously done a basic Google search about electronic signature platforms, chances are DocuSign was in the first results. And it’s no surprise since DocuSign seems to have everything we might need regarding contract management. From the most minor feature that an individual might require to more complex ones that a large enterprise might.

Like Adobe Sign, DocuSign is an electronic signature platform that allows us to quickly scan, sign, and send our documents from anywhere, at any time. However, DocuSign doesn’t only offer us the possibility of signing documents electronically. It also provides a tool for simplifying our contract lifecycle management process by letting us manage all our documents in one place.

What is the difference between Adobe Sign vs DocuSign?

As we can all see, both options offer similar things. So we know it can be challenging to choose between Adobe Sign and DocuSign. 

But there’s no need to worry! We will conduct a side-by-side comparison of Adobe Sign and DocuSign to help you decide which software is the better fit based on your needs. So, let’s take a look at what is the difference between Adobe Sign and DocuSign. 

Docusign vs Adobe Sign - Features and Functionality 

  • Regarding basic electronic signature features, both Adobe Sign and DocuSign allow us to efficiently and secretly sign our documents online. 
  • With both Adobe Sign and DocuSign, we can send multiple documents for signing simultaneously. Both eSignature tools also allow us to have more than one person sign a document at the same time.
  • We can’t generate documents in the app with either Adobe Sign or DocuSign. However, we can form fields within our documents through Salesforce for DocuSign and Acrobat for Adobe Sign. 
  • While their main features are similar, compared to Adobe Sign, DocuSign has a more advanced feature when it comes to analytics. With that being said, DocuSign offers us the possibility to have access to valuable data about our documents. 

Does DocuSign have better features than Adobe Sign - DocuSign vs Adobe

If your business wants to access its data through the platform, DocuSign might be the better choice because of its advanced analytics feature – which Adobe Sign doesn’t have. However, what both tools don’t seem to have is the possibility of generating contracts or other documents. 

Docusign vs Adobe Sign - Customization

  • DocuSign and Adobe Sign allow us to customize logos, colors, and buttons when signing a document.
  • DocuSign and Adobe Sign allow us to establish our default document branding. This will align our branding with the signature process, creating a consistent, professional, and personalized image during this process. 
  • Neither DocuSign nor Adobe Sign provides white labeling. 
  • While both eSignature tools offer similar customization options, Adobe Sign’s menu is believed to be more user-friendly regarding its customization section.
  • Additionally, Adobe vs DocuSign offers templates we can download for headers and footers when creating our documents. This can be extremely useful to people who are new to electronic signatures. 

Does Adobe Sign have better customization features than DocuSign?

Even though, at first, both tools have similar customization features, Adobe Sign offers more advanced branding functionalities. And they even help you in the customization process! Even more so, Adobe Sign provides all these features at a lower price than DocuSign. 

For this reason, this might make Adobe Sign a more attractive choice for businesses that want to customize their documents while also being cost-effective.

Docusign vs Adobe Sign - Ease of Use 

  • Adobe Sign and DocuSign’s interface is user-friendly, making it easy and intuitive to use their electronic signature tools. 
  • Both eSignature software offers similar features from a functional perspective, allowing us to easily upload and manage their documents for signing. 

Which is easier to use – DocuSign vs Adobe?

Overall, both DocuSign and Adobe Sign are considered easy to use. So, if you’re not looking for anything more complex than simply signing documents online, you can choose either tool. 

Docusign vs Adobe Sign Integrations

Adobe Sign Integrations:

  • Because Adobe Sign is part of the Adobe family, this eSignatures tool integrates all the other Adobe products into the basic plan. For instance, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe PDF, and Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Unfortunately, its most useful and valuable integrations can be accessed only at higher pricing tiers.

DocuSign Integrations:

  • With DocuSign’s basic plan, we can access basic integrations such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and Microsoft Office 365. 
  • However, we must upgrade our plan to Business Pro to access the more complex integrations. For example, Microsoft’s business tools, Salesforce, SharePoint, and other partners of Adobe Sign.

Adobe Sign vs DocuSign – which tool has better integrations?

While both DocuSign and Adobe Sign offer various integrations, it is essential that we, as businesses, carefully evaluate our integration needs when choosing which platform to use. 

We can see that DocuSign offers similar integrations as Adobe Sign and even more. Because of the variety of integrations that DocuSign has, this option can be more appealing to businesses with more complex needs. 

However, if you’ve already purchased other products within the Adobe network of software applications – you might want to consider adding Adobe Sign to your Adobe collection. 

Docusign vs Adobe Sign - Security

  • Both eSignature tools are highly regarded for their security measures. They are highly trusted by many businesses and individuals, so we can also trust them. 
  • DocuSign and Adobe Sign are fully compliant with government procedures. This means that if we use either platform to sign PDF documents, they will have the same legal weight as traditional signatures. 
  • With both Adobe Sign and DocuSign, we can protect our PDF documents by adding an extra layer of protection by adding passwords. This way, we can prevent unauthorized copying and editing.

Which is more secure – DocuSign vs Adobe Sign

In terms of security, both electronic signature tools provide secure and legally binding signatures. This makes either DocuSign or Adobe Sign a good choice for businesses that must ensure legal validity for their electronic signatures. 

However, suppose you’re someone who prioritizes security over everything else. In that case, DocuSign might be a better fit for you and your business as it offers some additional security advantages over Adobe Sign – such as its transparency. 

So, which one should I choose – Adobe Sign or DocuSign?

Adobe Sign and DocuSign have many similarities, making them both excellent signature tools for online document signing. However, because of their differences, you must evaluate your needs before deciding which electronic signature tool you should invest in. From how much you are willing to spend to the size of your team and especially how you will use this electronic signature tool. 

However, these are our suggestions: 

  • If you're an individual, a freelancer, a small business, or a startup looking for a simple solution to your basic online document signing needs with customization options – Adobe Sign may be the best fit for you. Or even 
  • On the other hand, DocuSign may be a better fit for large enterprises with more complex requirements as it provides access to advanced analytics and more powerful integrations. 
Gabriel Pană
May 16, 2024

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